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shipping & returns

shipping policy

Our shipping cost is FREE, and we deliver worldwide. The majority of the deliveries are received 3-7 business days through FedEx or DHL. All packages must be signed for upon delivery. If you have missed your delivery please call the appointed courier service as soon as possible. There is a limit on how many days the courier station will hold the package before sending it back to the sender. Once the package has been sent back to the sender the intended recipient will incur all charges and fees for returns according to Fedex and USPS rates. International orders may occur customs and duties fees which are not included in the purchase price. Boss Lyf llc is not responsible for these fees, they are the sole responsibility of the customer. You will receive a shipment confirmation email and tracking number within 24-48 hours of your order being processed.

return & exchange policy

We accept returns and exchanges. All returns and exchanges will be mailed to the sender and an address will be provided to the customer upon concern. The outcome of the return or exchange will be based upon the discretion of the vendor rather the complaint is valid. The customer will incur all mailing cost for returns or exchanges even if the product is deemed defected. Returns and exchanges can take 30-45 business days. The rates for returns or exchanges are based upon Fedex, USPS and any other courier services used for returning products.

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